Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring flowers

I am not a good gardener.  My yard does not have many flowers, but I was delighted to see these first flowers of spring.


  1. Lovely! My Stella De Oros are coming up; but it will be awhile before I have blooms.

  2. Very pretty! I'm not much of a gardener either but I sure love trying. Mostly I fight weeds. I walked my yard this afternoon looking for any little blooms that might be peeking out...I have Daffodils also, but not many. They were here when we bought the house six years ago but it seems we have a surprise bloom of some sort every Spring...This year I had the surprise Crocus bloom...It's amazing what can survive for such a long time and then just suddenly reappear. When we first moved in there were gorgeous Hardy Hibiscus growing along one of our fence lines. As it was the only full sun area, my husband took them out so we would have garden area for tomatoes. I was disappointed but I wanted the tomatoes too. Just last year one stalk of the plant came back and had gorgeous blooms and I had the Hibiscus again! I forgot to tell my husband to leave this one survivor for me and during Fall yard clean-up, he pulled it up again...maybe it will come back again!

    1. Have my fingers crossed that your Hibiscus grows back. They are so pretty. I am counting on my daughter for home grown tomatoes this year.


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