Saturday, February 11, 2012

The 2Things Challenge

Two photos for the 2Things Challenge.

Lighted posts in the Nelson Art Galley parking garage. 
Parallel railings of a bridge over wetlands somewhere in Kansas.


  1. 2 good photos for this weeks challenge, Susan, I especially like the parallel railings of the bridge.

  2. Beautiful imagery in both. I love the composition of the bridge one. Having the vanishing point and horizon follow the rule of thirds creates such an impaction piece.

    *Thank you for stopping by my home and commenting :)

    1. IMPACTFULL! not impaction ..LOL..silly spell check. Seems I may have made up a word..LOL

    2. Thank you, and hey, it takes a good imagination to spell words two or three different ways.

  3. Thanks Susan for your great interpretations.


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