Sunday, December 11, 2011

The weekly 2 Things Challenge

This week the 2 Things Challenge if Full/Feminine.  I had to think about it for a while and finally decided to go with a full house.

The Feminine part took longer to decide, but my Yoga Ladies are both strong and feminine and here they are..


  1. Great ideas and images. Did you paint the ladies doing yoga? Very nice!

  2. Love this! In the first photo, is the background a book cover? Gives an awesome framed look to the image. And is that watercolor in the second image? I love that you did a collage of individual paintings, what a cool idea!

  3. The background of the playing cards is a folder.
    The watercolor Yoga Ladies were painted from photos I took a a yoga event.

    Thanks for the comments. So glad you like my paintings.

  4. Very nice paintings and entry. Thank you.


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