Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 Things Challenge

This week's 2 Things Challenge was bar/yellow.

What else would fit the description but a yellow bar of soap.

However the bars at the playground seemed pretty good also

Best of all, while out driving to look at the fall foliage, what should we see --

The Yellow Brick Bar! 

I could hardly believe it.


  1. I absolutely chuckled at the first image! Top notch interpretations. It is so funny that the yellow bar of soap interpretation didn't even cross my mind. Great finds!

  2. I never thought of a bar of soap! Excellent. I did think of the playground, and I thought of, but had no hope of finding a bar like the Yellow Brick one. Excellent job. Thanks.

  3. Love the yellow bar of soap photo....looks like a magazine add. And the play ground bars make for a neat design. And the Yellow Brick! LOL


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