Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Tweed Ride

                           The Urban Sketchers of KC joined the bike riders at the Tweed Ride.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Barn at Shoal Creek

                 Watercolor, painted from a photograph as the barn has been taken down.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Urban Sketcher KC

The Kansas City Urban Sketchers met at North Kansas City for September's outing.

Friday, September 1, 2017

29 Faces September 2017

                                                             Faces for September

Sunday, June 25, 2017

First Annual Plein Aire / Studio Event

The Northland Art League is having an annual art competition.  Plein Aire paintings of the Shoal Creek Trail will be judged at the July meeting.  I get the feeling that this event grew like Topsy.  As it is now not only Plein Aire, but also Studio and photography.   The trail is near my home so I have been there a couple of times.


25 watercolor portraits in 27 days

My personal challenge: 25 watercolor portraits in 27 days.   Each month Wanda from the Northland Art League welcomes members to her studio for three hours to paint or draw a live model.  I really need to improve my skills, so I am going to attempt to paint 25 portraits before next month's session.  To start I will be following Jan Kunz's examples in the book Painting Watercolor Portraits that Glow.

Have I gotten better?  At least I have an idea of how I want to paint.   Don't think I am going to make the 25 in 27 days challenge.

painting # 22


                      The last day.  My time is up.  I didn't complete the 25 paintings in 27 days challenge                 that I set for myself.   But I did learn a lot about how I want to paint.

painting # 21

painting #20

Painting # 19


                           A painting of the model at Wanda's Live Drawing.

Painting # 18



Painting # 16



                        Colored Pencil, not watercolor, so I guess it doesn't count for my 25 portraits.

    Painting # 15


    Painting # 14


   Painting # 13


                                Copied from Artist's Magazine   November 2007

   Painting # 12


                           I think Charles Reid's style is delightful.

    Painting # 11

                              Again, this is from The Natural Way to Paint by Charles Reid.



                                The Artists Magazine     November 2007

     Painting #9


        Another study from The Natural Way to Paint by Charles Reid.

      Painting #8
           This lady is from Charles Reid's book The Natural Way to Paint.


     The blue should have been a shadow, not a line.  I do like Charles Reid's method much better.

      Painting #7


I copied this young man from a magazine.  The painting is called Bruder Seventeen, but I could not find the artist's name.    Again I need to watch my pencil line.  

      Painting #6


              The last painting I will do from Jan Kunz's book.  I think I did a better job with this lady.        However what you can't see here are the pencil marks.  They are very obivious and distracting on my painting.  Must think before marking the paper.

       Painting 5                    


                 Jan Kunz's painting style just isn't the way I want to paint.  His book is going into the     garage book box to be recyled.  And I am looking for instructions that better fit the way I would like to paint.

       Painting 4


       Painting 3

I painted this man twice.  First I used the old found paper.

                                           For the second attempt I used cold press watercolor paper.
                                           This 'glow' method is greatly overworked in my estimation.

Painting 1:

The little boy in Jan Kunz's book is happy and smiling.  
My poor lad looks rather disgruntled and is that a lazy eye?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

Block Galleries

After months of work and waiting the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art opened the Block Galleries.  Many of the wonderful paintings were donated by Mr. Block.  But as you can see, I was people watching.

Macro Monday2 Nov 6, 2017

Fern Leaf